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The Key to a Professional Looking Paint Application

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Professional painters always have the right paintbrush for the job, use quality paint and primer, and are very skilled in painting techniques. However, the key to a professional looking paint application is: surface preparation.

Many amateur painters overlook the need to prepare the surface properly before painting. They are eager to get started and see the results quicker, so they do minimal, if any, surface preparation. The result is a newly painted wall full of blemishes like bumps, cracks and holes.

Here is how to prepare a surface for painting like a professional:

  1. Repair drywall cracks with putty and sand down to an even finish.
  2. Fill nail holes and other imperfections with putty and sand flat.
  3. Wipe dust and dirt from walls.

Benchmark Painting always takes the time to prepare surfaces before painting for a professional paint application.