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FAQs (13)

Q. Before I work with Benchmark Painting, how can I make sure that I am dealing with a professional painting company?

A. Ask the BBB (Better Business Bureau), ask our former clients, visit HomeStars to read our clients’ personal reviews or talk to us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to assure you that you are dealing with a professional painting company. Call us at 604.803.5041.

Q. Do I have to be home while Benchmark is painting my home?

A. No, you do not have to be home during the painting, but we would like you to be home when our foreman arrives so that you can show him the work area and he can review the work order with you. We would also like you to be available at the job completion to do a walk through with our job foreman.

Q. Do I have to do anything to prepare my home before Benchmark begins painting?

A. For interior painting, all we ask is that you remove all pictures from the walls and valuable or sentimental objects from the areas being painted. We will cover your furniture and floors with drop sheets and plastic.

For exterior painting, please cutback, trim or tieback any plants that are in the way.

Q. How long should I expect the paint job to last?

A. A professional paint job should last anywhere from 5-10 years, although it depends on a number of factors beyond our control.

Q. What kind of surface preparation does Benchmark do before beginning to paint?

A. Before beginning to paint, Benchmark will (1) fill and sand holes and cracks (2) recaulk where needed (3) seal water stains and/or crayon marks, etc.

Q. How many painters will Benchmark send to my home?

A. The amount of painters required will depend upon the size and scope of the painting project. Please contact us at 604.803.5041 for information regarding your specific painting project.

Q. Can Benchmark match an existing colour in my home?

A. Yes. Once we have a sample of the existing colour, we can provide a match.

Q. Will Benchmark repair minor drywall dents and cracks in our home before painting?

A. Yes. We repair all surface imperfections before priming or painting. It’s one of the ways we ensure our clients get a professional and flawless finish.

Q. How can I make sure I will like the colour I have chosen?

A. Take your time to choose a color. When you have found some colours that you like, get some paint samples and try them out in the room. View the colours in the day and night as the colour will change depending on the time of day.

Q. I have stone/brick on the exterior of my home. Will this be protected during the painting process?

A. Yes. We always cover and protect any surfaces that are not being painted but are in the vicinity of surface areas that are receiving paint.

Q. We have some drywall damage in our home. Should this be fixed before Benchmark Painting begins work on our home?

A. No, fixing the damaged drywall is not necessary as we will fill, patch and sand any damage as part of our painting process. This is something our estimator will discuss with you.

Q. Do we need to repair any rotten wood before Benchmark Painting begins work on the outside of our home?

A. Rotten wood will most often need to be replaced either by us or another source. Discuss any rotten wood issues with our estimator.

Q. How often should the exterior of my home be painted?

A. How often a home should be painted depends on a number of factors, including: amount of sun exposure, amount of shrubbery, moisture presence, etc. Generally, we expect an exterior paint job to last 4-6 years.